Influence Factors of Doctoral Degree; Candidates’ Success

What are the common problems in doctoral and higher education candidates? High dropout rates, delay, and dissatisfaction among the Doctoral Degree students are most cases that happens nowadays. According to research, it shows that many different factors are associated with doctoral success, but these have not often been studied simultaneously.

Doctoral journey is interesting. Attrition rates support this notion: 33–70% of those who start their Doctoral Degree never finish and revealed that one-third of a sample of doctoral students who were still enrolled had at some point intended to drop out. Dropout rates challenge universities both financially and competitively because of the large share of research outputs that depends on the doctorate students. Why students tend not to continue is because in most cases, they don’t have other means of income anymore, their employment contract have ended or scholarship ends after a certain amount of time.

Another problem is doctorate students’ dissatisfaction, wherein comparable to job satisfaction and dissatisfaction about the doctorate path is tied to negative result but also encounter lower productivity and mental health problems.

What makes a candidate successful in achieving their Doctoral Degree Studies? In some European countries like Netherlands, Scandinavian countries and Belgium, PhD applicants are usually employees because they have an employment contract with the university and receive a monthly salary. In contrast to what is common in countries such as US and UK, there is no separate coursework phase that has to be completed successfully before continuing to the dissertation phase, and the master-apprentice model is widespread.

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Factors taking into consideration for a candidates’ success; supervision factors, psychosocial factors and project characteristics influenced the candidates’ satisfaction. As they progress being on track to finish in time, the less likely for them to consider quitting.

Supervision characteristics plays a vital role to success, because it made a unique impact on satisfaction and intention to quit if you have the proper academic support, personal support, autonomy support and availability. Psychosocial factors on the other hand, showed that having supportive professional relationships led to a higher sense of belonging in doctorate students. Relatively new on these success on candidate was on project characteristics wherein taking into account the amount of their experience, workload which appears to be the crucial factor as it was related to satisfaction, being on schedule, and intention to quit.

The quality of people and factors surrounding a doctorate candidate plays a relationship, sense of belonging, the amount of freedom in the project, and working on a project closely were positively related to satisfaction and negatively to quit intentions that makes a candidate successful.

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