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PhD Studies, an international online Business School based in the United Arab Emirate, has acquired a profound knowledge in fitting the right degree program for every student and in supporting students through the degree process. We currently have graduates from different disciplines who hold various key positions in the public and private sectors. The team has been supporting students from around the world for more than twenty years to reach their dreams, to study research and get a PhD degree.


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PhD Studies, is an international online Business School based in United Arab Emirates, partners with a wide range of Universities and gives its students full academic support during their entire education until they obtain a British Degree.PhD Studies is accredited by Qualifi, a recognized UK awarding organization regulated in England by the government’s Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulations ( Ofqual ).



Doing a doctorate is a big deal. Thus, you wish to embark on such a remarkable journey with a reputable firm which has the expertise and capacity to help you through the whole degree process.


Throughout the years,
PhD Studies has gained considerable experience both in writing doctoral thesis and signing contracts with world-renowned Universities with a view to offering a high-quality service to its students.


The PhD Studies sees itself as your trustworthy partner in the process of writing your doctoral thesis so as to obtain the PhD degree and it acts on different fronts to better achieve the proposed objectives.

Time & Money

Working closely together with dynamic reputable Universities help ensure that PhD programs cost less and are completed faster.


The PhD Studies depicts things as they are and firmly stands behind commitments it has made to develop mutual trust between the institute and its customers.

Online / Part Time

International students can take the complete programme online. They are not obliged to leave their home countries in order to conduct their PhD researches.

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