International Management (Ph.D)

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This procedure can already be completed at the beginning of the 5th semester and is primarily aimed at people with a background in economics. It is also popular with people who want to work on an interdisciplinary topic related to economics because their professional activity provides the basis for it.

  • Target group: economists, managers, economists
  • Language: English, partly German
  • Learning format: external procedure, extra-occupational
  • Degree: Ph.D. in Business Economics and Management
  • Duration: Completion possible at the end of the 5th semester, part-time
  • On-site appointments: 10 x 2 days each throughout the procedure
  • Manageability: publicly manageable, registrable in personnel status papers

The procedures are always personally accompanied by our experts at all compulsory appointments and supervised in organisational matters. During the entire dissertation period.

Graduates of this procedure acquire proof of special scientific qualification and do not need a habilitation to apply for a full professorship.


Admission is determined exclusively by our partner university. After your certificates have been submitted, we will check in advance whether you can be admitted to the doctoral procedure. The following guidelines apply:

  • Completed university studies or
  • Completed Bachelor’s and Master’s degree, depending on the institution


1. the following documents are required:

  • Curriculum vitae in English
  • Diploma certificate and diploma certificate of the highest academic education
  • University entrance qualification e.g. Abitur, Matura
  • Birth certificate
  • Passport photo in colour in JPG file format
  • Photocopy of passport/ID card (both sides)
  • In case of change of name, e.g. copy of marriage certificate
  • One-page brief description of the dissertation topic

After your documents have been checked, they will be forwarded to our partner university. You will receive a notification of admission to the procedure from us within six weeks.

3. personal introduction with admission interview and enrolment at the partner university (admission interview, enrolment as a doctoral student at the university).

In the first semester, you will submit the first summary of 30 pages and will be questioned about it.

In the third semester, you will submit the second summary of 30 pages and be questioned about it.

6. at the beginning of the 4th semester, you submit a summary of 30 pages from the first two papers, complete this in connection with a subject area of your choice and are questioned about it (State Doctoral Exam).

7. already at the beginning of the fifth semester, you can defend your overall dissertation within the framework of a viva voce examination.

8. graduation ceremony with presentation of the certificate.

The university reserves the right to make changes to the course of studies.

We will be happy to provide you with more information on the procedure and costs upon request.

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