Spanish Doctorate DEGREE

Ph.D in Law and Society

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The Doctorate constitutes the third cycle within the official university education system.

It represents an academic stage in which the student acquires and develops the competencies, skills and abilities necessary to carry out scientific research with rigor and quality. In this way, the Doctoral Program is configured as a set of activities planned, developed and executed for this purpose.

The emphasis falls on the creation and development of knowledge, as well as the scientific and social value of the results achieved. In this sense, the prepared doctoral thesis must allow the transfer of the possible findings obtained in favor of society.

This Program can be completed full-time or part-time. It will necessarily take place online , which will make it easier for the student to follow it from anywhere in the world, while always guaranteeing the virtual proximity and permanent support of the Thesis Director and the Academic Tutor. This will also make possible the compatibility between the research tasks and the personal conditions of the PhD student, offering at the same time specialized training in the management of the most current techniques for the treatment of information and communication, essential elements of contemporary culture.

Successful completion of this Program with the approval of the doctoral thesis will entitle the student to obtain the title of Doctor, which will be official and valid throughout the national territory.

Specific profile

To access the Doctorate Program in its research period, it will be necessary to be in possession of an official University Master’s degree, or another of the same level issued by a higher education institution of the European Higher Education Area.

Without prejudice to the legal access requirements provided for in art. 6 of RD 99/2011, the recommended profile to access this Program is that of Spanish or foreign students who prove prior training for a Bachelor’s Degree in Social and Legal Sciences, and in related postgraduate courses in the same branch. Priority in access will be given to students who certify studies of Bachelor’s degrees in Law, Criminology, Labor Sciences, Business Administration and Management, Tourism and Psychology and / or have postgraduate training in these fields, especially in master’s degrees oriented to the investigation.


The objective of the Doctorate Program in Law and Society is the advancement of knowledge through the competencies, skills and abilities required to carry out scientific research with rigor and quality, configuring a set of activities planned, developed and executed for this purpose.

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