USA Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

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* Please note that this program is available only to members of the International Alliance of Business Professionals (IABP). 

The Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) is a practitioner-scholar doctoral degree in business administration and management. It is targeted to business executives who have a master’s degree in a discipline or field related to the program/specialization for which application is made and who have practical business management experience. The curriculum includes conducting applied research, understanding business theory, and applying what you’ve learned in the classroom to real-life professional challenges. In addition, this program will help to prepare students for expanded roles with their current employer or with another organization, or for roles as consultants or university-level teachers.

DBA or Ph.D. in Business Administration?
CMU’s Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) differs from a Ph.D. in Business Administration by focusing more on practical application than on broader theory. Ph.D. programs focus more closely on researching new models or gathering and interpreting data. 

DBA programs, like the graduate-level Master of Business Administration (MBA), are focused on how business principles apply to higher levels of business leadership and management. If you want to develop your ability to approach larger business problems from a top-down, expert level, then the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) is for you.

Program Structure

Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) Course List

  • Credits ( 4 ) – Leadership in Theory and Practice 
  • Credits ( 4 ) – Organizational Design and Strategy 
  • Credits ( 4 ) – Strategic Leadership 
  • Credits ( 4 ) – Ethical Leadership
  • Credits ( 4 ) – Corporate Financial Management and Accounting 
  • Credits ( 4 ) – Supply Chain Management for Executives 
  • Credits ( 4 ) – Data Analytics 
  • Credits ( 4 ) – Executive Management in Practice 
  • Credits ( 4 ) – Strategic Marketing 
  • Credits ( 4 ) – Global Business Strategies 

Total Core Quarter Units = 40

Research Courses

  • Credits ( 4 ) – Qualitative Research or Quantitative Research 
  • Credits ( 4 ) – Research Statistics 
  • Credits ( 4 ) – Doctoral Proposal 
  • Credits ( 4 ) – Literature Review 
  • Credits ( 4 ) – Applied Research Methods 
  • Credits ( 6 ) – Project I 
  • Credits ( 6 ) – Project II 
  • Credits ( 0 ) – Doctoral Defense 

Total Research Units = 32

Program Total Quarter Units = 72


You can start anytime. This is a distance learning self – study program which allows you to set the pace of your study within the duration set for IABP members ONLY ( please contact us for further information )

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Entry requirement of this program?

  • The applicant is an IABP Associate Member in good standing
  • Possess an accredited Master’s degree with a minimum 2.8 GPA
  • Minimum 5 years of working experience in middle management level position

Required documents for this program

  • Education Certificates & Transcripts
  • Latest CV / Résumé
  • Passport Copy (photo page)
  • Passport Size Photo (jpg. format)
  • Two (2) Recommendation Letters (past or current employer(s) or not a family member)

Provided study materials

Yes. A combination of video lessons, reading and reference materials for each module are provided in your online learning portal which can be access anytime. Students can also access online library (Perlego) available throughout the study duration to search additional reference materials.

Assessment method for each module

Each module is assessed by an assignment of minimum 2500 – 3500 words

The dissertation word count must be minimum 25,000 to 40,000 words

Why assignment – based assessment?

  • It provides opportunity for students to learn, practice and demonstrate they have achieved the learning goals.
  • The assignment can focus on a product as output (e.g. research report, design, prototype, etc.) and/or a process (e.g. research process, group process) and/or the performance of individual skills or competences (e.g. professional skills, communications skills).
  • Used to test higher cognitive abilities and the application of specific skills or knowledge. It can mirror the future professional practice. It can be used to assess the integration of knowledge, skills and attitudes (competences).

The institution send me the award

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To check/know the result of your assignment

The assignment marking and grading process will take at least 4 weeks from your submission date. The result will be notified to you personally via email

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